“Seeking Translation” translates the intangible through art 

Art possesses the ability to express what people can’t always verbalize. 

To visualize the intangible, Minnesota State grad student Taryn Sakry composed a show for her MA Thesis Exhibition titled, “Seeking Translation,” featured in Conkling Gallery Oct. 2-13. 

“My show focuses on translating human experiences in order to connect and share an understanding with the viewer.” Sakry said. 

Art is intended to express an idea or emotion through creativity and imagination. For Sakry, this definition is expanded through this display. 

“For me, art is valuable as a visual language by which we can communicate things that are hard to explain or understand.” 

Saky found her inspiration through curiosity on how humans navigate and understand the world both physically and internally, which founded the layout for her exhibition. 

“As we move through life, meeting different people and having new experiences, we develop a language of self-interpretation that allows us to communicate intangibles such as ideas, values, and emotions,” Sakry said. “Within this body of work, I explore this idea of translating self, highlighting the reinterpretation of memory and emotion through color and narrative.”

“Seeking Translation” incorporates woodcut, intaglio, silkscreen and stone lithography prints that Sakry has primed to perfection for the past two years. These materials execute a unique art form demonstrating detailed, yet subtle technique.

“The multiplicity of print allows me to experiment with color and layering,” Sakry said. “These aspects along with the continuous reworking of the image connects the various works.” 

The complexity of her work shines light on the complexity of life experience, to bring definition to unspoken words. Through the art on display, ideas of self-interpretation and indescribability are brought to life.

“I illustrate these ideas through the depiction of mindscapes and memories that are further altered through the application of color and addition of the unordinary,” Sakry said. 

Sakry began her educational journey at MSU as a technical theater student, and graduated in Spring 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. With this background knowledge, Sakry decided to further her creative expertise in Spring 2022 by pursuing a Master of Arts in printmaking. 

The program facilitates a MA Thesis Exhibition, a showcase to give grad students an open platform to communicate to a wider audience, which Sakry used to reveal “Seeking Translation.” 

“As an artist, I want this show to be inviting and immersive,” Sakry said. “I hope that viewers feel a sense of openness within the space and find their own connections with the work.” 

To further expand on these ideas and the gallery in its entirety, Sakry will speak on “Seeking Translation” with a reception to be held for MSU students and faculty Oct. 12 from 7-9 p.m.

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