Clean energy is the future

Last week, Gov. Tim Walz celebrated news on the $1 billion donated to the Heartland Hydrogen Hub to help advance clean energy. Given by the U.S. Department of Energy, not only will it produce over 3,800 jobs, but it will also help infrastructure, reduce carbon footprints and improve overall air quality. We should embrace green energy and the potential it holds.

Green energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, is something several companies are turning toward. It creates no harm to the environment and can easily be renewed. Speaking of easy renewal, it creates lower consumption bills for the company, which saves money. Depending on the company, they can reduce their bills by up to half. In turn, it helps create more jobs. As more and more businesses shift to solar and wind farms, energy companies are actively seeking more people to hire. It’s a win-win situation for keeping the environment safe while keeping bank accounts full.

Green energy is better for our overall health. Air quality has worsened as fossil-fuel-driven construction has increased. Besides hazy viewing conditions, long-term side effects of poor air quality include respiratory and heart disease, compromised immune systems and shortened life spans. The smoky air we could dismiss as a bad day filled with coughing and irritated eyes could impact our health down the line. By switching to green energy, we can expect to see longer lifespans and cleaner breathing. 

While the pricy investment is a big step toward going for a cleaner environment, we shouldn’t be discouraged as smaller steps eventually lead to bigger ones. We can read up on green energy and encourage others to advocate alongside us. Advocating for greener measures such as refillable water bottle stations, recycling and campus gardens are just a few minor steps campuses can take. Supporting businesses who use green energy sends the message to others that we value their environmentally-safe production of our favorite products. The sooner we take steps towards green energy, others will follow suit. 

Clean energy is something we should be advocating for. We are the future and we should care about the planet. There’s only one Earth and we need to take the preventative steps now while there’s still a small chance we can reverse the effects.

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