Vice President resigns from Student Government

When Wednesday’s student government meeting began, the seat usually filled by Vice President David Mesta sat empty.

Senators would soon find out why.

During officer reports, Speaker Douglas Roberts announced Mesta had resigned from his role and he was leaving “on a peaceful accord.” Roberts said they would not be taking questions about Mesta’s resignation. 

The Reporter reached out to Mesta for comment on his resignation.

“I chose to resign because I think the decision was catching up to me and I made a decision for myself,” Mesta said. 

President Sierra Roiger said she respected Mesta’s decision to resign.

“It’s entirely up to each and every individual when they feel it’s right for them to part ways with Student Government and I respect that decision,” Roiger said. 

The Student Government is looking to fill the role of Vice President. 

“The position is open to any student who is able to commit to a minimum of 15 to 20 office hours a week along with being able to attend meetings and to continue the work that student government does for students and be that advocate,” Roiger said. 

Roiger said students can reach out to her if they have any questions regarding the position. The official nomination will be Nov. 1.

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