Finding safety in Women’s Empowerment Group

This Tuesday at the Women’s Center in CSU 218, the Women’s Empowerment Group met for an hour to discuss topics such as gender equality, gender representation in the media and safe spaces across campus.

Arranging various chairs and couhes in a circle, the group provided food, drinks and a supportive, comfortable environment. Everyone, regardless of gender identity, was welcome to come in and listen and/or engage in the conversation.

The mission statement for the group is as follows, “Our mission as a Student Organization is to educate, inform and empower all students. We support students and community growth on campus. We maintain a close partnership with the women’s center to promote leadership development and programming. Gender equity is central to our mission and purpose on campus.”

Sai Meghana Lakku, the Multicultural Student Opportunities Coordinator and Vice-President of the group, said the idea came from a retreat. 

“That’s where we came up with the discussion regarding women’s issues across the world,” she said. “And what gender issues women face and how educated they are, how aware they are. And then we all came up together, creating this group on women empowerment.”

She added,“We want to have some discussions over the issues faced by women. Other than that, diversity is our goal where it’s not only for focusing on women but it’s open for everyone. We want to talk about a lot of stuff, basically it’s not only discussing the issues in this society, it’s like you learn leadership qualities and educate yourself.”

If you’d like to join this group, you can stop by the Women’s Center in CSU 218 and sign up, or you can go to Mav Central. You can also contact Elizabeth Flatum, the President of the group.

Meetings are biweekly at theWomen’s Center every Tuesday from 2:30-3:30, their next meeting is on October 31st.

Write to Ellie Meschke at eleanor.meschke@my.normandale.edu

Header photo: The Women’s Empowerment Group met in the Women’s Center to discuss safe spaces on campus, gender inequality and the representation of women in media. 

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