Dean: College of Business on track for success

In a presentation to student government Wednesday Dean Seung Bach of the College of Business told senators the college is meeting education goals and trying to come up with new ways to make business education exciting. 

“We are really embracing experiential learning,” Bach said. “As a part of that initiative, we really want to promote our student internship program.”

Last year, they created 156 internships with the help of donors. That success is continuing this year.

“This semester, although less than half way through, we have met the 50% and higher goals in terms of creating a credit-driven internship program,” Bach said.

The college has been partnering with local entities such as Greater Mankato Growth. Students had the opportunity to share with GMG their ideas of improving the economy, as well as learn from GMG.

Bach also reached out to the CEO of Kato Engineering. Together they arranged “MS Mankato Day in Kato Engineering.”

“We are going to come up with about 30 College of Business students to visit Kato Engineering in the first week of November,” he said. “Kato Engineering has about 20 to 30 MNSU alumni working for them.”

The delegation of students will meet with the alumni for lunch to network and learn from each other. A field trip to Kato Engineering is also planned. Bach said the opportunity is open to students outside the College of Business as well.

Bach shared his perspective on his role as the new dean. 

“I want to bring in something new in terms of the spirit of creativity and innovation,” Bach said. “I tried to make this college very creative, innovative, and market driven. I like our students to get exposed to the real work.”

Bach believes the curriculum must be constantly improved in order to make this happen.

“I like to make this program very accessible and also affordable,” he said.

As part of this initiative, Bach wants the college to emphasize preparing students for their next journey and lowering the cost of textbooks as much as possible.

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