Turn Turn Turn lights up the recital hall

Turn Turn Turn performed in Halling Recital Hall Sunday. They started out as a cover band in 2018 and have evolved into so much more. The band consists of Adam Levy on guitar, Savannah Smith on guitar and Barb Brynstad on bass. They all share vocals. 

“It’s a collective of all the things we’re mutually inspired by,” said Smith. ”We really like 60s, 70s Laurel Canyon. We also separately have our own influences that we bring to the table,” said Smith. “We’re on board with country. Adam’s got some alt-rock in him, I had a little folk in me, Barb’s perhaps got a lot of soul experience.” 

“When I got the call to do this thing, she (Barb) was the first person I thought of, and shortly thereafter, we were doing shows and needed a third voice. I remembered Savannah, how great she was, and so we gave her a holler and she was in,” said Levy. 

Even though they started out as a cover band, they have since written and recorded original songs. Smith said her favorite song to play for this gig is “7 Kids,” which is on their recent album, “New Rays From An Old Sun.” 

“We bounce around vocally a lot, and I like that. We’re changing around who sings with who, when three parts come in and when they go back into two parts. I think instrumentally, it’s fun too. It’s just got a good, deep groove to it,” said Smith. 

Levy said he is glad they did that song the way they did because of the moving vocals, as he has been in bands before where he is the main singer. 

“It’s really fun to listen to someone else do it, and it sounds better. I think it’s more interesting for people, too,” said Levy. 

Brynstad said she hopes students got a lot out of their performance and want to listen to them on different platforms. 

“I hope they’re interested enough or intrigued enough to maybe follow us on social media,” said Brynstad. “Listen to us, buy a record or a CD and just continue following us and staying in touch with us and see what we do next.” 

Being a musician is fun, Smith said, but there are some challenges. Those wanting to do music as a full-time career should have a backup plan. 

“You’re a musician, but you gotta have other irons in the fire. But in a more optimistic light, I would say lean on your community. When I was getting started, the people I met and shared experiences with really got my foot in the door,” said Smith. “It brings you out of your hole. When you have feedback about songs or somebody saying, ‘You can sing, you’ve got a good voice,’ that’s good. If you keep that to yourself, a lot of times, I think people don’t try.” 
For more information on how to stay connected with Turn Turn Turn, students can follow them on social media @turnturnturnmpls or at their website, https://www.turnturnturnmpls.com/.

Write to Lauren Viska at lauren.viska@mnsu.edu

Header Photo: Turn Turn Turn, consisting of guitarists Adam Levy and Savannah Smith and bass player Barb Brynstad preformed at Minnesota State Monday night. The band, who initially started as a cover band in 2018, have since released music of their own. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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