Finding a good study spot

Finals are approaching, and the key to quality studying is a good place to pair it with. Procrastination strikes once our study place is interrupted, so finding an area with no distractions is vital to student success. 

On Minnesota State’s campus, there are plenty of options for students to occupy. The Memorial Library houses different floors, and the higher up we go, the quieter they are. The library also offers computers to use freely, books, printers, collaboration rooms, and MAVPods. Collaboration rooms are great for studying with a partner, as they are completely soundproof. 

MAVPods are not only located in the library, but are also present in most other buildings on campus. MAVPods are a small, soundproof pod with lighting to provide an excellent study space. They light green when available, and red when occupied. 

The Centennial Student Union is another great study location for those of us who work better surrounded by organized commotion. The bonus part of studying in this area is that it is right next to all of MSU’s best foods, including Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, etc. to satisfy our study break cravings. 

In the Clinical Science building on the second floor, there is a giant lounge couch perfect for a comfortable study space away from home. It is also a great location to study with a group. 

Outside of campus, a coffee shop is another great place to get work done. Coffee shops typically have plenty of seating, as well as free Wi-Fi and outlets. To name a few in Mankato, there is Starbucks, Coffee Hag, Caribou, and River Rock. As a bonus, caffeine is the perfect drink to pair with study-related exhaustion. 

For days with better weather, studying outside is another option. There is outdoor seating on campus, local parks in the area and even our own backyards could work. Being outside in nature is good background noise for focusing on schoolwork. 

If we are feeling like not leaving our houses, finding a good study spot in our own homes can be just as suitable. Whether that may be a desk, the living room, or kitchen, finding an open table with little clutter creates a great study spot. As long as distractions are at bay, studying at home can be just as effective as any other location. 

Every person’s studying needs vary, and it is important to find what location works best for us. As long as the environment is not distracting, the seating is comfortable, and we have a motivated mindset, the rest of the work is up to us.

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