2024 fashion trend predictions

Fashion is a repetitive cycle. A trend in the 1970s somehow makes a comeback decades later. For example: the classic scrunchie, denim jacket, or big, voluminous hair. But what kinds of trends might reappear in this new year? 

In 2023 we saw a lot of cargo pants, cowboy boots, bows and matching sweatsuits. As for 2024, I can predict to see a lot more trends, and many that mirror trends I followed as a pre-teen; as long as they don’t include skinny jeans, I’m on board with quite a few returns. 


One of my fondest memories was showing up at Disney World as an 11-year-old wearing a pink top, pink shorts, pink shoes, pink sunglasses, pink earrings and even a pink headband. I chuckled for a while looking back at old photos, but recently the fashion community has embraced monochromatic athleisure. This year, I can see the monochromatic trend tackling streetwear, and I’m ready to show my pink Disney get-up back to the world. 


Button-up tops have been a staple in a lot of closets for any time of the year, but I predict there will be a surplus. Plain, patterned, brightly colored — I can see a mixture of button-up tops out and about in 2024.

Various pants

Pants used to be a lot more vibrant and funky in previous years, but have been kept rather simple recently. We’ve accepted black leggings, jeans and neutral-colored pants for a while, but I think a more bold pair is going to make its mark in 2024. A unique pattern paired with a basic top might be a trend to keep an eye out for. 

Excessively large cardigans

Some may consider cardigans timeless, but not necessarily trendy. A lot of them have ended up in  thrift stores over the years, but it might be time to run back and recollect these staple pieces, as I predict large, knitted, grandma-style cardigans to come back in fashion this year. 

Statement jewelry

In 2024, I’m getting a sense that bigger is better. Popular movie stars used to walk down a red carpet wearing huge earrings and necklaces, but for a while we have been used to more simple accessories. Some people find it forbidden to mix silver and gold, but I think there is going to be a lot more mixing outside of metals, along with color.

Glitter, shimmer, and sparkles 

New Year’s Eve religiously brings in countless women resembling disco balls (myself included), but I think this may turn into a trend this year. I loved sequins as a pre-teen and wore them all over, but I think this trend will highlight the idea that less is more. A simple handbag covered in glitter could take an outfit from running errand attire to movie premier worthy, and I’m excited to see how icons will incorporate some fun into a basic look.

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