The key to a successful semester

The first few weeks back from winter break can be quite tricky. After a rigorous fall semester, everyone was ready to take a bit of a breather and reset their minds. Now that we are back for the spring semester, we as students need to make sure that we start off the semester strong.

During the break, it is easy to fall into bad habits that aren’t conducive to a successful semester. The most important thing is to slowly build back up those good habits. 

The easiest thing you can start by doing is showing up to your classes the first week back to school. A lot of us can easily think that the first week doesn’t really matter because a lot of what the professors are going over are syllabus details. Even if that is the case, we should do our best to attend those opening classes. Attending those first few classes can help you build a platform for that course for the rest of the semester. We get to understand what the course is about in more detail than just the description that we get when you are registering for it. We get to learn about your professor if you’ve never had a class with them before. We even get a chance to meet some new faces in the classroom when most of us are open to meeting new people in the first few days of the semester. 

Another thing that we can do to get back into the flow of things is to try to stay on top of assignments over the first few weeks. As students, we are pretty much bound to fall behind on some things over the course of the semester. If possible, we should do as much as we can to not let that happen at the beginning of the semester. This is because we haven’t gotten back to the flow of things quite yet, and we can easily get overwhelmed by it. So let’s make sure to get the early assignments turned in with plenty of time. 

Sleep is important for everyone, and it’s important for us students. Prioritize a good night’s sleep so that you are fresh and energized to attack the day. The last thing we need is to be feeling tired, not focusing or dozing off when we are trying to get familiar with our new classes. 

So as the first week of the semester comes to an end, let’s all make sure we are trying our best to build a platform for ourselves to have a semester that we can be proud of.  

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