CSU gets new Stomper statue  

If you ever wanted a chance to cozy up next to Stomper, your time has come: There is a new Stomper statue on campus, a life-sized bronze likeness of the MSU mascot sitting on an eight-foot bench. 

This statue has been planned for a long time to serve as a focal point on campus and to provide photo ops. At a ceremony Wednesday, CSU Communications Coordinator Lenny Koupal gave a speech about how this will impact the campus and bring new traditions. 

At the event, Koupal said, “Who better to embody that vision and foster a new tradition than Stomper? “Teams rally around Stomper. Students go out of their way for Stomper. He’s a symbol of the university.” 

Brodin Studios, located in Kimball, Minnesota, crafted the statue. After looking at some of their work, Koupal chose them for the project. Brodin Studios does similar projects for the military and police, but this was their first venture with a mascot. 

“They use 3D printing to create. When we did this, they brought in a 3D photographer to capture the image of Stomper from all angles, and then they used 3D printing to create it and then mold it from there,” said Koupal. 

Student Government President Sierra Roiger said she is excited for students to start traditions with this new campus feature. She said she hopes that it helps bring students together. 

“I think it’s going to be a great opportunity at graduation and finals week. You always hear about at one campus, you rub the foot of the statue, and you get good luck for finals,” said Roiger. “I think that’s really what we’re gonna see here with this, and I’m excited to see what it brings.” 

In her speech, Roiger said, “Stomper is not just one person. Stomper is all of us. Stomper is the Maverick spirit and pride that each of us carries every day when we come to campus. And when we leave this place, we move on to the next great thing.” 

At the event, a crowd of onlookers surrounded the statue, each waiting to get a picture with Stomper. One was Maddie Wheeler, an intern for the CSU this semester who saw this project take shape from behind-the-scenes. 

“I think it’s a cool idea. I think it brings our student body together even more, and I feel like it just symbolizes who we are as a school,” said Wheeler. “A lot of work was put into it, even like the small details on the gloves or the pants. It took a long time. 

MSU President Edward Inch said Stomper symbolizes what it means to be a Maverick. He noted that Mavericks are known for being innovative and pushing the edges and boundaries. 

At the event, Inch said, “The bench that we unveiled today brings all of the symbolism of what it means to be Maverick together in one place. And Stomper is our symbol. Our mascot is proud, and it is committed, as you all are, as we are.” 

Students can see the statue of Stomper in CSU between Starbucks and the Campus Hub.

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Header Photo: Students pose with the new life-sized sculpture of Stomper that was revealed to the CSU on Wednesday. The sculpture captures the spirit of Minnesota State and is said to bring new traditions to campus. (Nate Tilahun/The Reporter)

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