MSU introduces first ever Maverick Furry Club

A brand new club has arrived this semester. 

Mankato’s newest student organization, the Maverick Furry Club, had its first event Monday in the Minnesota State’s LGBT Center in CSU 194, in which attendees gathered together to create art.

Furries are people who have an interest in anthropomorphized animals.This can range from being a fan of Pokemon or Sonic the Hedgehog to creating an animal persona called a “fursona.” The furry community often holds conventions in which attendees can buy art, meet others in their community and more. As with every community, it’s crucial to find and/or create a safe space for members to express themselves and meet others in the community.

E Cummings, the president of the club, said “It’s called the Furry Club, so just … fur people that are part of the community are interested in that kind of community, just to hang around because there’s not much here for that in Mankato. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in the cities, but it can be scary to go there alone, especially when you don’t know anyone. So it’s like ‘Hey, we should have something here.’”

They also said, “I know that there’s a lot of people that are part of the community, but there’s no real organization for having group things to do.”

“If you want to join, join, just be respectful. That’s the main criteria. It’s open for everyone, just mainly for students.”

The Maverick Furry Club meets every monday at the LGBT Center from 6-7, everyone is welcome.

Write to Ellie Meschke at eleanor.meschke@my.normandale.edu

Header Photo: The Maverick Furry Club held its first event in the LGBT Center Monday afternoon, featuring an evening of art making.

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