Being single isn’t the worst

After years and years of complaining about being single, I’m finally giving up the battle and embracing being alone. Typically, that’s not what single people say, especially in the month of February. It’s as if you can’t admit you’re fine being single. If you’re not dating someone, a small ounce of pity is dropped into any conversation where you talk about doing things you enjoy on your own. 

I’ve been single my entire life and for many years, I used to complain about going another year without getting into a relationship. I would roll my eyes at my social media timelines of all the cute couple photos and the overly sappy captions that would make even the most talented romance author cringe. I would either spend the day sick when I was a kid in elementary (I missed most of my Valentine’s Day parties due to strep or some other virus going around) or count how many hours were left so I could go and get discounted chocolates the next day. 

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized I was making such a big deal out of nothing. My mom would even say that, while it’s not terrible to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we should be showing our love and gratitude to the people we love every single day, not just on February 14. When I thought about it a little bit more, I realized I try to carry that attitude every day. I tell my family I love them every time I call them. I tell my friends how much I appreciate them whenever we hang out. 

When I was in high school, I also used to view Valentine’s Day as a day where I would have to lock myself in the house and lay around because if I walked out of the house alone, I’d be shunned. Now, I have no problem walking down the street by myself and doing things couples would do. One of the activities I love doing by myself is going to the movies by myself. I can make silent comments while the movie is happening, have all the snacks and don’t have to compromise on what movie we want to see. Taking myself to grab a coffee or going shopping around town are some of my other favorite ways I like to treat myself. 

I can’t lie, some days I wish I was gladly taken by someone. On days when it feels that way, I listen to one of my favorite podcasts, “Date Yourself Instead” by LyssBoss. This podcast has given me such confidence and reassurance that I don’t need someone to feel complete. From stories how to deal with the modern dating scene, realizing my self worth and learning how to become the main character of my life, I highly recommend anyone listens in.

Just because Valentine’s Day is promoted with a bunch of gifts and posts on social media, do not feel bad if you’re spending it by yourself. You do not need another person to feel complete. You are loved and accepted as you are.

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