Push hard ‘til the end

After 17 years of school from kindergarten to senior year of college, it is hard to combat the dreaded senioritis. 

Senioritis is characterized by the decline in motivation and performance in students as the final months hit before graduation. This not only affects students but can affect professors as well.

It is of utmost importance to stay on track before walking across the podium in May. Students spend years building grade point averages, made countless connections with professors and classmates, completed projects they are passionate about.

Now is the time to finish strong. 

Not attending class or turning in assignments late could jeopardize four years of hard work. Not staying on top of classes could bring on a bad impression to professors. It could also harm others grades and well being. Not all of your classmates are seniors or experiencing the same decline; be mindful of this. 

Approach these final months with a positive outlook. Use this month to make final connections in class and practice time management skills before the real world arrives. 

The slow crawl to the finish line is a test of academic endurance. It is not that we don’t care to learn anymore; we’re just ready to move on, ready to meet the next challenge. The transition isn’t easy; but it should be viewed as a positive, not a negative. 

In the meantime, before the real world gets here, finish hard. Don’t crawl to the finish. Sprint.  Empty the tank. Leave it all on the field. Make your final month be your best month. As the light at the end of the tunnel approaches, make sure you can look back at what you did here with joy, like you achieved goals, and like you’re ready for what’s next. 

So in this last month soak it all in. Take time to reflect on your time not only at MSU but all the schools you attended. It is a monumental thing to be a college graduate. Pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself and continue to push on for the last month. This has been one long marathon — don’t take your foot off the gas until the end. 

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