Summer is good for students’ souls

The academic year can feel lengthier than an entire 365 days around the sun. Between waking up with the roosters for an 8 a.m. class, constant note-taking, homework on the side and papers on top of exams, it can seem as though there is no end in sight. 

But there is. 

Summer is right around the corner; the sun’s warm blanket will embrace us in a hug, letting us know we worked really hard and we finally deserve some time off. We are finally being welcomed home from war — the war of being swamped in college education, that is. 

For a multitude of reasons, a summer off of school is a necessity for student growth. It becomes increasingly obvious as the semester goes on how students appear completely burnt out. Assignments start rolling in past the deadline, everyones’ faces resemble zombies and the class turnout rate slowly diminishes. If students did not have a sunny, “Hello,” on the horizon, the burnout would result in a complete crash. 

Luckily for us, we get to replenish the vehicles of our mind. We can rotate our tires, or brain gears and wash off at the beach like a car wash. Summer serves as a time to get our minds off of the books and back on ourselves. 

Whether or not a summer job is consuming or time, it is refreshing to transition from one primary focus to another. Getting into the groove of being a full-time worker helps us gain basic skills to serve us for future careers beyond our college endeavors. We have the opportunity to meet several people as coworkers and customers, and potentially build meaningful bonds. As a cherry on top, it adds more to the resume. 

For days off of the clock, it is important to spend time with loved ones. Cherishing free time in the schedule with those who are hard to fit in around the academic year is essential. We can go on trips close to home, or far from it and create lifelong memories. Spending quality time with people we may not often see is reason enough to keep summer break on the academic calendar. 

The best part about summer is to have extra time getting to know ourselves. With a hefty plate pertaining solely to our paths of study, we may have lost a few appetizers of our individual identities. We can use these next few months to get to know each element of our personalities, what kinds of hobbies we want to explore further and general interests we may have not yet discovered. It is as good of time as any to take time for ourselves, and come back with a strong sense of self come fall.

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Header Photo: Minnesota State students enjoy a game of volleyball outside the dorms. Sand volleyball is one activity many students can enjoy during summer break. (Alexis Darkow/The Reporter)

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