I honestly had zero clue what I was getting myself into when I applied as an ad rep. Followed by one of my most impressive interview performances to date, which included hanging up the phone five or six times before learning how to use the phone — special shoutout to Baylee and Jane for still giving me a chance. 

Flash forward to the fall semester and suddenly I was getting my first real glimpse into the world of business. Little did I know, this would lead to the discovery of some of my favorite hobbies.

It didn’t take long before I started looking for other ways to get involved at The Reporter and found myself as a photographer for various stories. This quickly became one of my most prized hobbies, but also served as one of the best networking opportunities I’d find. 

In the span of a few weeks, I had joined the Kato Rugby team, joined various clubs, and somehow became the face behind Stomper, the school mascot for the duration of a hockey season. All from taking photos for assignments, with an open ear and desire for conversation. 

I’ll miss you all and the random late night production visits, countless laughs in the ad rep office, nacho cheese or the life advice from Jane. Thanks for keeping me sane the past two years.

Special shoutout to all the ad reps. As Sam would say “You da GOATS.”

People say life is short, but in the whirlwind of growing up it never makes sense. But it’s true, so enjoy every last second of it. Live your life with no regrets and don’t stress out too much about the past. All you can do is learn and move on. And with that, The Reporter season is coming to an end, goodnight.

Dominic Bothe

Ad Sales Representative, Photographer, Receptionist, Delivery Boy, Nacho Cheese Enthusiast, Acrobat, Couch Surfer, Caffeine Addict, Emotional Support Specialist, and scarer. 

Monsters University, here I come.

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