An end of the year festival for all

Happy pre-finals, Mavericks! 

The academic year is almost over and, before students begin to prepare for final projects and exams, the Student Events Team threw one final celebration. 

The CSU Mall Fest, a campus tradition, took place Wednesday on the CSU Mall. The event was packed with fun activities, live music and Stomper’s 1,000 Ways to Win Ping Pong Ball Drop, where students played for prizes. 

Mavericks Traditions Chair Henry Bowring-McDonough said the 1,000 Ways to Win game has been happening since 2017.

“It is a big cherry picker that we put in the middle of the CSU Mall. A big lift that myself, Stomper and usually another person all stand in. It rises up and then students gather in a crowd at the base of it. And we throw from the top of the cherry picker 1,000 labeled ping pong balls. Each ping pong ball corresponds to a prize,” Bowring-McDonough said. 

In addition to the ping pong ball drop, other activities included the sports management students running a game called ‘Sports around the World,’ which is a collection of sports mini games with an international twist to them, along with free food, live music and a petting zoo.

The Student Events Team partners with different organizations every year for new CSU Mall Fest activities. This year the team partnered with Amazon. 

“We are partnering with Amazon in order to promote Amazon as a sponsor, but also to gather some more prizes including Amazon gift cards. The prizes are always different,” Bowring-McDonough said. 

Overall, Bowring-McDonough said the fest helps bring students together and celebrate MSU pride on campus, and helps celebrate the end of the academic year as “it can be a big release for students to gather with all their friends in the mall.”

“The CSU is a physical but also a social central point of campus. So honestly, if you are walking from class to class, from building to building, or from your dorm to somewhere, it’s very eye-catching and you’re going to see everyone there,” He said. “ It’s a nice way to make the campus feel alive again, at least one more time before we all head home for the summer.”

Warm sunny weather finally made an appearance, students gathered and socialized within the mall fest. Freshmen Emily Holzem and Makena Gens shared their thoughts on the event. 

“It’s really fun and I like seeing everyone out on campus. I definitely love the petting zoo. I love the animals and it’s definitely a good thing for the end of the year. I feel like the music is fun, free food, and good vibes,” Holzem said. 

“I love all the animals that I’m not usually around, so it’s really fun and interesting and I feel like it’s a great event. It’s getting everyone together and outside. I came here and I forgot I had finals and I’m having so much fun,” Gens said.

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Header Photo: The Student Events team held its annual CSU Mall Fest Wednesday to celebrate the end of the academic year with food, animals, music, prizes and fun. (Davis Jensen/The Reporter)

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