MSU Reporter, it’s been real

About 14 months ago, I found out that there was a student-run newspaper on campus that had a sports section. At the time, I was a junior trying to get a degree in mass communication and a minor in film studies who had a goal of one day getting into sports media. 

Having that goal was great and all, but I knew I needed to get some experience in sports media before graduating. While my ideal path would be to find something in the podcasting or radio lane, writing for the school’s newspaper appealed to me because it would give me some level of experience. 

After I applied, had an interview and was hired, I remember being extremely excited that I joined The Reporter after getting a tour of the office and coming in for my first production night to do my mock article. Along with excitement, I was incredibly nervous due to lack of experience, but those nerves were gone in no time due to the immediate support and encouragement that I got from those already working at The Reporter. I was also taking a media writing fundamentals course that semester, so I could immediately put to practice what I was learning in class. 

I wasn’t exactly sure how much I would like this writing thing, but I’ve grown to love it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our consultant Robb, my previous sports editors and fellow writers for helping me become the writer I am today. 

Writing for The Reporter has given me the opportunity to interview some incredibly kind, smart and interesting people which I always feel is a privilege. Being able to cover the women’s basketball team this season during their amazing run to being crowned national champions was just incredible. 

Nearly a year into my tenure at The Reporter, I became the sports editor, which I never saw myself being but grateful that I did. I would like to thank my writers for being an easy group to work with, being flexible and for doing what was needed for our section. I am so proud of several issues that our section has produced this semester. 

To our editorial staff. Luke, Mercedes and Emma. Wow. I honestly couldn’t have asked for better teammates. The thing I have loved the most about our dynamic as a group is that it never felt like pulling teeth when one of us needed help. We just uplifted one another. Thanks again for being patient with me for keeping you guys in the office past midnight a few times. 

Beyond the extremely valuable knowledge that I gained during my time at The Reporter as it pertains to what I want to pursue as a career, it is the personal relationships that were born here that I will cherish forever.

Being the sports editor and an office receptionist means that I spend so many hours throughout the week in the office. When I was only a writer, I would spend as much time as I could in the office anyway because of how much I love my coworkers so it never feels like I’m actually working. 

To the lady that is responsible for creating such a great working environment, Jane. Thank you Jane for making this place a family atmosphere and caring for us like we’re your kids. 

When I look back at my time in college, being a part of The Reporter is undoubtedly my biggest highlight.

Header Photo: Luke Jackson and Mohamed Warsame at the Better Newspaper Contest in Minneapolis MN. The two went to the contest supporting their coworkers, but plan on taking a clean sweep in the sports category next year. (Mohamed Warsame/The Reporter) 

Write to Mohamed Warsame at mohamed.warsame@mnsu.edu

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