COVID delays theater’s “Silent Sky” for two weeks

Amadna Filreis ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Muhammad Ibrahim ® Staff Photographer |

After only one performance night, the MNSU theater production of “Silent Sky” has been placed on a temporary hold for two weeks. 

This naturally affects the release of future projects. According to Director of Public Relations for Theater and Dance Corrie Eggimann, all in-person productions and rehearsals are set to resume after Oct. 1. 

They are currently planning to resume the production of “Silent Sky” after the two weeks hiatus has passed and create an adjusted production calendar for the rest of the season. All of this is being done with the safety and health of the participants being considered top priority. 

“We all take the safety measures extremely seriously so that everyone can continue to have a season,” stated Eggiman.

It’s reassuring to know that steps are being taken to ensure the performers, crew, and audience members are safe while continuing to explore and support a craft that they love. Just like before, the performers and crew will be practicing social distancing whenever possible. 

Another precaution that will remain is wearing masks during their time together. They believe that maintaining general cleanliness is a key factor according to director James Van Oort. This also naturally means screenings before coming onto the campus and washing hands.  

The efforts are greatly appreciated by all the students who wait patiently to see this thrilling story come to life once again. 

“We’re interested and glad that it isn’t getting canceled,” said students Marlee Kjeldgaard and Alexandra Auger when asked about their thoughts on the show. 

“It’s understandable and will be worth the wait,” said student Joseph Salverda.

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