Intramurals amidst pandemic

De’Vonte Bradley ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Dearest Welwolie ® Staff Photographer |

Intramural sports have come back but, like everything else on campus, they have changed a bit due to COVID-19.

Ryan Stevens, program coordinator for intramural sports, said some sports cannot be allowed at this time because of university safety protocols. Several of the main sports that attracted a lot of participants such as basketball, soccer, and flag football have been dropped. Stevens said those sports require too much contact for the players.

There are some usual team sports like bowling that are still being offered. Stevens said other sports, such as Spike ball league, bean bag tourney and sand volleyball have been picked up in hopes for more people to take part. 

Even some of the sports that have continued, like volleyball, have been changed. Instead of the normal 6-on-6, there will now be 4-on-4. The same goes for all other team sports. These changes were made because of the requirement for players to stay four-to-six feet away from everyone else.

There are still other sports that people can take part in. There are quite a few single player sports, such as golf, tennis, racquetball, table tennis, pool and 501 dart. Each of these games require little, if any, contact at all.

“Intramural basketball being cut off this year makes me feel off-balance because in high school I played basketball for mental health reasons,” senior student Airreon Austin said. “Then in college I played intramural to keep my mental health, now it’s going to be a struggle.”

Sophomore Michael Olaniyi also has similar views. “I really wish it was available,” Michael stated. “It was something I was looking forward to participating in. I am a little disappointed.”

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