Mav Adventure Building Connections Since 1982

Amanda Filreis ® Staff Writer |

The Maverick Adventure program is perfect for helping students stay active in the outdoors while working on team building and leadership development through numerous activities. 

This program started up in 1982 by a campus professor that wanted to create a rope course on the far South side of campus by the tree line. 

“We teach through adventure and challenges since they are part of your life,” said Program Coordinator Sam Steiger. “Making connections is what we’re all about. We want to help students connect with others and the outdoors.” 

Their adventuring events can take place in a variety of locations including, but not limited to, the gymnasium, indoor rock climbing area (one of the most popular options) and grassy fields. While most participants are MNSU students, it’s also open to community schools, programs or businesses. Anyone is welcome.  

Maverick Adventures hopes to make the college experience and personal growth of the individuals memorable. They also hope to expand the program. 

One of the program’s focuses is the expansion of an equipment rental system. At this point, people can only rent tents, conoes and snowshoes. The biggest hurdles the program faces is finding space and funding for the expansion. And there are more changes on the horizon. 

Things have changed due to COVID, much like everything going on in the world. In order to keep things safe and sanitary, some parts of Mav Adventure, such as the indoor rock climbing, are temporarily shut down. As things become more stable, they’ll reopen. 

They also hope to create a place where participants can find new activities and make new friends. These activities can later turn into lifelong passions and help to calm the mind. 

One of the most recent examples of what they can offer to those who are looking for excitement is the 12-mile bike ride and bike maintenance lesson while keeping up with the safety precautions of course. Fall hikes and a campfire events with s’mores may be offered. They plan on getting three to four more events in before fall semester ends with even more to be expected from spring semester. 

The efforts of the contributors are felt by the students of the university. “I would recommend it to my friends,” commented MNSU student Nick Mueller when asked about his thoughts about the program as a whole. 

Header photo courtesy of the Maverick Adventure Facebook page.

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