Cooking in the Kitchen with Sydney: Sweet potato fries and dip

I love sweet potatoes, specifically in a fry or chip form. I had missed making sweet potato chips in the air fryer at home, and set out to find a recipe to do it in the microwave to kick my cravings. 

The base of this recipe I found at thebittenword.com, and the author of the recipe on this website also had the same struggle that I had been having, which was perfecting the cook time and power level on the microwave. I tested and adjusted some of her best combinations and I believe that I found the best one. 

The dip to go along with the chip is something that I had just come up with on a whim. We are big everything bagel fans in my house and I had taken a container with me this semester. Combining it with some sour cream seemed a logical step, and was honestly the best idea I’ve had in a long time. 

This is a pretty straightforward recipe. It takes a bit longer than previous ones to put together, but it yields a hefty and delicious snack. 

Sweet Potato Chip Ingredients 

  • Cooking spray, oil, or butter 
  • 1 sweet potato 
  • Seasonings to your liking (salt, pepper, garlic powder, rosemary, paprika, etc.) 

Dip ingredients 

  • 2 spoonfuls of sour cream 
  • Everything bagel seasoning 


Slice sweet potatoes as thinly as possible (seriously, thin). Lightly coat a microwave safe plate with your non-stick agent. If using butter or oil, it is recommended to also lightly coat the potatoes. 

Place potatoes evenly on the plate, not touching. Sprinkle evenly with seasonings of your choice. Microwave at power level 9 for 6 minutes, then at additional 30-second intervals until crispy. To make the dip, simply mix the desired amount of everything bagel seasoning into sour cream. 

A fair warning, your potatoes will probably stick to the plate a little bit. If you have parchment paper, cut a piece to size and just put that down as your first step to prevent this, but it isn’t necessary. 

Something that is necessary to the chips cooking properly is your microwave being set at power level 9, however. It took a good amount of experimentation to find that perfect balance to cook them, and this seems to be the way to do it without half burning and half staying soggy. 

Overall, this is a great option for those who crave potato chips but are looking for something a little healthier.

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