Student Government seeks new members in special election

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Student Government is looking to fill vacancies in the senate in a special election to be held on September 14. 

The Student Government, usually made up of 30 student senators from across the university, was met with a smaller number of candidates during last semester’s election. 

The low turnout was in large part attributed to the lack of students on campus and engaged in organizations such as Student Government. 

In the first meeting held for the 89th Student Government, held yesterday in the CSU, President Reauna Stiff and Vice President Kara Svercl addressed the 9 students currently sitting on the senate. 

“Obviously, this room looks a lot different than it usually does,” said the vice president, referring to the largely empty room that is typically packed with student senators, “but that doesn’t mean we will wait to get work done.”

Stiff and Svercl were elected on various platforms that include tackling student basic needs and issues that pertain to off campus students. 

The new administration also is looking to make Student Government a more fun and welcoming place as well, including amping up their social media presence.

“We plan to bring a little style, a little spice back to the Student Government,” said Svercl.

One such way that was brought up during Senate Speaker Minahil Khan was making Student Government more fashionable. 

“We want to make Student Government more fun.” said Khan, who brought up the idea of creating themed outfit days for different meetings, where senators could dress up. 

As for students that are interested in running for the Student Government in the upcoming election, there are over 20 open seats that are looking to be filled for different senate positions, such as At-Large Senator, At-Large Residence Community Senator, and various academic senator positions. 

The election committee, chaired by Senator Joey Novak, is in charge of facilitating the election. 

We already have the application on InvolveU, anyone can announce their candidacy that way.” said Novak

Starting on the 5th of September, students will be able to start campaigning. 

There will be online voting, and a staffed voting booth in the CSU on September 14. 

The election will be held on September 14th, but the last day for students to announce their candidacy is September 7. 

“We have already contacted a wide range of students, we have a lot of great prospects,” said Stiff, who is confident that the special election will bring in enough new senators, “so in about two to three weeks, we should see this table filled.”

For students who are interested in getting involved without the commitment of a senator position, there are several committees that can be joined. Just reach out to the Student Government office for more information. 

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