Students create a list for the best places to cry on campus

College is scary, there’s no way around it. It feels like you’re completely on your own and have to relearn how to make friends, time manage your day, and, sometimes, attend classes. 

More often than not, the stress adds up and a mental breakdown is in order. Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato have found the best places on campus to cry and let out their frustrations.

Sophomore Sofia Itskovich found her hideaway in the Performing Arts Center, as the building is fairly empty. 

“The bathrooms in the PAC are perfect to cry in. There’s couches outside and the bathrooms themselves are secluded,” Itskovich commented. 

Another academic building on the list is Armstrong Hall, as junior Colin Hanke explained. 

“I will typically cry in the basement of Armstrong Hall, since there isn’t anyone there in the evening,” Hanke stated. 

“It’s also cold down there, so it also feels like a dungeon. If I’m not crying there, I will once I get in my car after class.”

With many students who live here, the dorms offer a wide variety of locations to shed a few tears.

“I am always in the lounge in my dorm to study and complete my homework, so naturally I cry there as well. Since I’m already there, it’s the best place for me to cry,” freshman Teagan Burgess said. 

Other ideal places in the dorms to cry include the showers in the bathrooms, especially when the water is running and it’s harder for other people to hear you, your dorm room, or even in someone else’s room. It’s best if there’s no further explanation on these locations, just trust us.

Sophomore Madori Scholten agrees with this, as she often finds herself crying in her friends’ rooms.

“One of my favorite places would be my friends’ rooms because it’s comforting to have them there with me while I go through that feeling. My second favorite place would be my car, since it’s secluded and nobody can bother me,” Scholten continued. 

An unusual setting to release your emotions on campus would be the Dining Hall, but this doesn’t stop freshman Corvus Murphy.

“The Dining Hall is a great place to cry because there’s ice cream available,” Murphy points out.

Continuing from this, Murphy stated, “You can grab a bowl and then you can search for a corner where you’re not completely alone but also not surrounded by too many people.”

While some may be concerned by the publicity the Dining Hall gives, Murphy isn’t bothered by this.

“Someone also might check in on you to see if you’re doing okay, which can be a nice way to meet new people,” Murphy continued.    

No matter where you cry on campus, know that you’re not alone. Take these recommendations into consideration. Who knows, you might find someone to cry with.

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