Various ways students can make a little extra cash 

MavPASS leaders are not the only job that can help students earn money as well as gain experience in their degree. Work Studies are another option that some students are offered. 

Gillian Bowman is employed under a work study in the CIS office. Bowman commented, “It’s nice because I get to do homework while working,” and further explained, “I also get to make connections with teachers.” 

Unfortunately, not all students are able to find a position they would like to work on campus. 

Mackenzie Bosch has an off-campus job to help pay for tuition costs. She reported having to balance schoolwork and maintaining a job can be a difficult task, and it’s one many college students end up facing. Minnesota State University, Mankato offers several on-campus positions for students looking to earn while they learn. To combat the stress of balancing both, MNSU has a limit of 20 hours for part-time student workers. However, it can still feel like a lot to manage.

MNSU student, Zebiba Ousman, was working at the computer store on campus as she shared her experience. “I’m stressing a lot because I’m working here 20 hours and also because I’m a junior and I have a lot of projects,” she said. “I’m taking 18 credits.” 

Yet, Ousman realizes the benefits of having a job. “This is how you’re gonna build up your skills. I can’t say, ‘if you’re a student, do not work’ because you have to work. It’s important for yourself to develop,” she said. 

Personally, Ousman recommends keeping a schedule and requesting off exam days to stay on track in school. 

Michael Downes, another MNSU student worker, echoed this sentiment by saying, “I know my schedule each week and I keep an organized planner and calendar, without which, I would be lost. I think that my social life is very limited during the week since I am so busy but not working weekends is great.”

Downes is a MavPASS leader. MavPASS stands for (Maverick) Peer-Facilitated Academic Support System. He explained that “My job as a leader is to attend the class that I’m supporting and hold study sessions. During sessions, I ask questions and prompt students to step outside of their comfort zones to lead discussions and work closely with one another.”

Furthermore, oftentimes the class you are a leader for can correlate with your major, which is balancing work and school pretty well by setting up a system for herself: “I’ve just been doing my schoolwork during the day and then leaving evenings for work.” 

Working and maintaining a good GPA while also taking care of yourself can be a lot, but keeping a schedule and developing a system for yourself can help ease the pressure.

Header Photo: Students walking and doing homework outside of the Centennial Student Union also by Jazzman’s Cafe & Bakery. (Dylan Engel/The Reporter)

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